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Melanie Imming

I’m a consultant with a firm basis in project management.
I know a thing or two about Open Science, FAIR data and Digital Cultural Heritage.
I am experienced in concept development and engaging stakeholders.
I would love to work with you.


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picture of MelanieWith a firm basis of almost 20 years in project management, often overseeing multiple projects, I'm known as a creative organiser who can translate more technical themes to the greater public. Someone with a hands on mentality, an international network, experienced in managing risks, sustainability planning and the capability to quickly get to the core of the matter.

I’m involved in different (inter)national expert groups, initiatives and networks on topics like FAIR data metrics, data stewardship competences, open science and digital cultural heritage. These include the Europeana network, the Dutch National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM), the RDA, Knowledge Exchange and the Dutch National Platform Open Science. Moreover, I act as reviewer for funding programs and I am a advisor for the Council for Culture in the Netherlands. I also love to organise informal get-togethers such as the #OSmeetupNL.

Please see my portfolio below for my current and previous works.
And if you are looking for a consultant to help you create maximum impact, please contact me below.



«From December 2018 – March 2019 the LCRDM task group Data Stewardship was supported by Melanie Imming. In her consultancy role she performed desk research on the topic data stewardship and co-authored the report and infographic of the task group. Working with Melanie has been a great pleasure. She is accurate, well organized and very clear and open in her communication within and towards the group she worked with. She made herself known with the topic of the task group in no time, and needed little introduction. Her creative ideas worked out great. If you are looking for a no nonsense consultant, who goes for clear results and who has – also very important –a good sense of humor: contact Melanie! LCRDM fully recommends her as a practical consultant for any aspect dealing with RDM and more broadly Open Science. »

Ingeborg Verheul
Coordinator LCRDM – National Coordination Point Research Data Management

«We asked Melanie to organise the Open UP Final Conference in Brussels. She proved to do this in a highly professional and pro-active way. Her extensive international network really helped to come up with a great line up of speakers and interactive sessions. Also, Melanie took care of all logistics, prepared excellent working instructions for the team, and she really managed to optimise conference conditions while sticking to the budget given. Melanie is reliable, communicative, always available, pleasant to work with and very resourceful; she also is an excellent team player. I’m looking forward to working with Melanie again in the future!»

Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer
Coordinator OA Team
Library University of Amsterdam

«It is a pleasure to work with Melanie. She is a dynamic, practical and creative colleague with great communication skills. The five months Melanie was part of the Knowledge Exchange, as temporary SURF representative, her energy and drive helped us to improve our promotional approach and use of visualisations. Her expertise and drive proved vital to organise effective discussions at a major KE workshop.»

Bas Cordewener
Coordinator Knowledge Exchange

«While working for LIBER Melanie exceeded her job requirements. The reporting processes that Melanie has set up are of a very high quality as was the organisation of the final conference for the PASTEUR4OA project. Feedback from project partners is that Melanie tries to listen to all groups and comes up with the best solution for everyone. An example like the LIBER Open Science Café at the EU Presidency Conference, that came about as a result of Melanie’s initiative, raised LIBER’s profile and showed Melanie’s innovativeness and ability to mobilise the team.»

Kristiina Hormia- Poutanen
LIBER Europe

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Privacy Statement

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When I work in projects with people from other organisations, I sometimes use cloud services like Google docs. This can mean that we store contact details and non-sensitive professional information -for instance info about potential speakers at conferences we organise- under the conditions of the cloud service provider. I try to minimise the amount of personal data that is stored and shared there. Moreover, I try to make sure this is deleted as soon as this info is redundant but I’m not always the person in control.

My contracts are not stored in the cloud, but if you sent me an invoice, or, even better, if you let me send you an invoice, I store your contact details secured in my invoicing system in the cloud under Dutch law ( see https://www.jortt.nl/privacybeleid/). I also share invoices with contact details with my accountant and the Dutch tax office. I always try to use secured connections while doing so and I keep this info no longer than I’m legally obliged.

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