Privacy Statement

Even though I don’t process a lot of personal data, it is good to know that I mainly use Gmail to communicate. Therefore, the content of your messages and your contact details sent via the contact option above can be used by Google and their third parties under US law.

I don’t collect any sensitive personal data, I don’t send out automated messages. I also don’t send emails to more than a few people without using the BCC option. I don’t use any analytics service to track traffic on my website. However, I do save contact details in my Twitter/ Linkedin/ Microsoft /Google/ Signal/ Whatsapp address book to be able to get in touch with you. I will store this data for a long time.

When I work in projects with people from other organisations, I sometimes use cloud services like Google docs. This can mean that we store contact details and non-sensitive professional information -for instance info about potential speakers at conferences we organise- under the conditions of the cloud service provider. I try to minimise the amount of personal data that is stored and shared there. Moreover, I try to make sure this is deleted as soon as this info is redundant but I’m not always the person in control.

My contracts are not stored in the cloud, but if you sent me an invoice, or, even better, if you let me send you an invoice, I store your contact details secured in my invoicing system in the cloud under Dutch law (see I also share invoices with contact details with my accountant and the Dutch tax office. I always try to use secured connections while doing so and I keep this info no longer than I’m legally obliged.

If you want to know more, please let me know via the contact form.